3D Glasses and Hands-Free Navigation - Now That's Entertainment!

From the jaw dropping 3D or 3-dimensional entertainment, comes an unstoppable feat that raises technology beyond limits - 3D glasses hands-free! It is estimated that within this year there will be a hefty reappearance of 3D entertainment as a result of the successful top grossing blockbuster movie, Avatar. Recently, not only is 3D entertainment featured in cinemas, but also in High Definition Televisions and game consoles. For sure, 3D entertainment keeps any business rolling.

Apple one of the leading top grossing companies, which newly released their iPad for international circulation has exclusive rights for an application that allows 3D entertainment right on the hands of any Apple hand held gadget owner, from the renowned iPhone, iPod, down to the recently released iPad.

One has to use the 3D video glasses in combination with an extensively incorporated camera, wherein the 3D video glasses identify even the slightest head jerks which makes it possible for navigation. Thanks to Apple, 3D entertainment is possible and accessible, anytime and anywhere.

Once again, apple has succeeded upon introducing something innovative globally. Apple's new creation of 3D video glasses hands-free navigation show that no matter how unfeasible a hurdle may seem, once again, Apple proved that there are no limits, especially when it comes to technology.

Apple technologies have influenced massive populations and affected day to day living, offering ease as its usage is far stretched practiced by almost everyone today. From their first unconventional music players, the iPod, Apple has developed a compact entertainment and assistant into a hand held gadget that is both stylish and elegant. Apple did not even stop there; it improved its iPod into touch screens which were then called the iTouch and into mobile phones which were later called the iPhone, one of the biggest fads in mobile phones today. Recently, Apple released its latest creation, the iPad.

The iPad is still paving its way into the global market however; Apple doesn't delay and introduces another one of its design, the 3D video glasses hands-free navigation enabling 3D, wherever and whenever. 3D video glasses hands-free navigation is as easy as plugging it into any hand held Apple device such as the iPod, iTouch, iPhone and the recently released iPad.

The navigation of the 3D video glasses is via head jerks and slight head movements, wherein there is no need for neither or both of the hands for navigation. Now that's entertainment!