The Latest Music Video Products: Music Videos Online

Music of any genre and style will find its listener. Modern technological progress called forth search of new ways of audio and visual transmission and upgraded means of self-expression. Now it is turn of music videos. Progress gives us a chance to watch videos online, which makes access to new music videos very convenient.

Today, the production of music videos makes a step away from the exceptionally aesthetic field towards the commercial medium. The audience can choose between videos online to their liking. There are more than ten thousands of musical artists produce more than 50 thousands of videos.

In the last several years, special attention has been drawn to video projects of a young singer Lady Gaga. Her new music video for the lyrical song You and I caused a stir among the audience and critics. This video is devoted to the singer's relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Here, Lady Gaga plays various roles from a mermaid to an Italian guy.

Music lovers are looking forward to a video for the song Lay it on Me by Kelly Rowland whose popularity is growing day by day. Recently, several shots from this video were shown to the public. Here we see Kelly dance with a group of naked dancers. The final version of the video promises to show the audience a real African elephant. We remind you that Lay it on Me is the third single from the latest singer's album Here I Am which made its debut in the second place in the American chart.

Rock fans should also rejoice because the legendary band Evanescence released a new long-awaited music video. The video was directed by Meiert Avis who worked with Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Lopez and others.

Russian stars are trying to keep up with foreign music video directors and singers. For instance, the video of Vera Brezhneva and Dan Balan Lepestkami Slez (With Petals of Tears) was watched on YouTube 7,322,461 times. The duet's work shows a romantic story of a pair of sweethearts which unfolds in an extremely beautiful cyberspace and by this means produces a great impact on the conscience of a viewer. Same effect has T.A.T.U., music group from two russians girls, who has subdued the world with hits about girls love. This group also was presented on The Eurovision in 2009 year, where they win second place.